tips for placing the flamenco shawl

In flamenco fashion , accessories are taking on a very relevant importance and presence. Flowers , earrings and combs or combs , brooches or "flamenco pins" complement the woman dressed as a flamenco, but if there is one accessory that adds a plus to any flamenco dress no matter how basic it may be, it is the shawl or flamenco shawl .

But putting on a shawl correctly is not easy. We already told you that there are many possibilities and ways to wear a flamenco shawl , in this article we are going to expand on the ways to do it, as well as we will explain the different types of shawls that exist.

Types of flamenco shawls

At Viva la Feria we offer you a wide range of flamenco shawls :

  • -Plain single-color shawls : they are usually made of crepe fabric, they are basic shawls that seem to begin to regain their prominence over time.

  • -Plumeti fabric shawls : they are normally made of tulle, but they can be made of gauze or cotton plumeti, they are in high demand and year after year they are reinvented to continue being one of the most used flamenco shawls in our fairs and pilgrimages.

  • -Printed shawls : they tend to be made of sheer fabrics, at Viva la Feria we love to combine magnificent floral prints with dresses made of plain or polka dotted fabrics in their different sizes.

  • -Embroidered shawls : they have been the most demanded for a few years, the variety of embroidery designs together with the infinite color palette, make the embroidered shawls enrich any woman dressed as a flamenco.

All these shawls are V-neck, of different sizes, there is no exact size but they must have at least the length of the standard flamenco neckline, with latticework and fringing made by hand.

Trends in flamenco shawls

This year a type of small shawl is coming along that replaces the fringes with ruffles around the peak, they are being made mainly with crepe fabric because they have a greater drape, but in reality they can be made of any fabric. This type of mantocillo will be used above all for pilgrimages, but they can also be used for fairs.

7 ways to wear the flamenco mantle

We are going to explain the different ways of putting on the shawl :

  1. 1. In the form of a peak , the shawl is placed around the neck and dropped towards the dress, it is the traditional way of putting on the shawl; It is attached to the dress by a brooch.

  2. 2. Around the neckline , in the front center the two peaks of the shawl are hooked by a brooch or pin and let it fall towards the back, the shawl is introduced starting from the front and around the entire neckline. In this way we show the neckline of the dress without the shawl covering it.

  3. 3. Crossed , the shawl is thrown towards the dress from the neck and crossed at the front, the ends are hooked to the dress on both sides at the waist, in some cases the shawl allows us to cross the whole, then we hook the two ends on the back of the dress.

  4. 4. As if they were shoulder pads , this way of putting on the shawl is for dresses that have a closed or boat neckline. The ends of the shawl are hooked at the shoulders and dropped towards the back neckline, tucked around the east so that it does not move and is well supported.

  5. 5. Thrown over one shoulder , with this option there are variants: simply thrown over one of the shoulders, another alternative is to fasten the shawl with a belt and the last possibility is to take the ends of the shawl to the other side and fasten them to the dress with a brooch.

  6. 6. Thrown on both shoulders , you can leave the open shawl thrown on both shoulders or add a belt to hold the shawl and mark the waist. For dresses with a high waist, very common since last year, this way of putting the shawl looks great.

  7. 7. Around the front neckline ; especially when they are closed or boat necklines, respecting the shape of the neckline and the shawl is worn above all, it is attached to the dress on one of the shoulders by a brooch

We hope that all this information will be useful to you and help you expand your records when putting on your flamenco shawls or shawls.

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